The ColibriNANO opens new horizons for HF band enthusiasts, thanks to its 14-bit ADC, which provides a ~110 dB BDR and up to 3 MHz sample rate. A 0.5 ppm local oscillator gives the ColibriNANO a great frequency stability. Using the ColibriNANO remotely, in some rural area will give you the lowest air noise you’ve ever seen while won’t rob you from any comfort or functionality. The ColibriNANO operated by our own ExpertSDR2 software and compatible with popular HAM software such as HDSDR, SDRSharp via the ExtIO library.


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 018902


Typical Applications

  • Direct connection with your laptop
  • Remote operation
  • Remote connection with a local transceiver
  • Spectrum analyzer

ColibriNANO block diagram

The ExpertSDR2 minimal system requirements:

  • 2 or 4 core CPU Intel Core i3 or Core i5;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • 40 GB free space on the HDD/SSD for the ExpertSDR2 and accompanied programs;
  • 17′ or bigger monitor;
  • video card with OpenGL 1.5 or higher;

The ExpertSDR2 software supports Windows 7-10 32/64 bit, Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu 18.04 x64), and macOS 10.14 Mojave and higher.

Compatible HAM software

  • ExpertSDR2
  • Legacy SDRSharp

Additional accessories:

  • E-Coder Plus or E-Coder control panel for comfortable tuning

Expert Electronics company developed the ExpertSDR2 software to control HAM radio equipment of its own design. Software version for the ColibriNANO allows you to harness all the potential of the receiver: remote operation, synchronization with the transceiver, IQ channel bandwidth up to 3 MHz, control of the preamplifier and LPF.

  • Supported modes: LSB/USB/DSB/CW/AM/SAM/NFM/WFM
  • IQ output via Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)
  • Compatibility with any sound card installed on your PC for the audio output
  • Synchronization with transceivers via CAT interface
  • Special interface to control the CW Skimmer
  • Minimum window resolution 860×466 pix
  • Support of the FullHD and 4K monitors
  • All new versions of the software are free

Appearance of the ExpertSDR2 software

Architecture description

Remote operation with the ColibriNANO receiver

To control the ColibriNANO via Internet we created the ExpertRemote system, based on the client-server connection. This system allows you to place the receiver and server in the remote location with low air noise and Internet connection. This might be some remote village or place with no electrical interference and 3G/4G Internet (or any other connection type). Using the ExpertRemote system you can enjoy clear air from your phone, tablet, notebook or PC. Even simple antennas, placed in a “quiet” place, allows you to listen to the far stations with low level.
Another feature of this system is that the receiver’s software can be synchronized with transceivers and be used as the panorama adapter with high resolution. Use the transceiver to transmit signals, receive on your remotely located receiver via the ExpertRemote system.

Distant stations, rare (DX) stations or expeditions from now on will be a reality for you with our ExpertRemote system!


  • RF ADC, bit @ MHz: 14 @ 122.88
  • ADC type: ADS4145
  • RX Frequency range, MHz: 0.1…55
  • Undersampling, MHz: 0.1…500
  • Independent software receivers: 1 + 1 SubRX
  • Sample rate, kHz @ bit: 48; 96; 192; 384; 768 @ 24
    1536; 1920; 2560; 3072 @ 16
  • Bandscope, MHz: –
  • RX HF filters, MHz: LPF: 55
  • Noise floor, dBm: 1.9 MHz (160M) – 131
    7.1 MHz (40M) – 130
    52.5 MHz (6M) – 127
  • NPR (Noise Power Ratio) with Noise Bandwidth 5 MHz, dB: 59
  • BDR on HF, dB: 110
  • BDR on VHF, dB: n/s
  • Sensitivity, uV: 0.35
  • DR IMD3, not less dB: 95
  • RMDR, dB: 104
  • ATT/Preamp, dB: from -31.5 to +6, with 0.5 step
  • Local oscillator TCXO, MHz +/- ppm: 122.88 +/- 0.5
  • Built-in audio codec, bit: –
  • RF input with up to 15 kV ESD protection: 1 SMA connector
  • Maximum antenna input voltage, without ADC overload, mV (ATT=0 dB): 74 (Pk-Pk); 32.7 (RMS)
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • DC voltage range, V: 4.5…5.5
  • Current consumption, A: 0.41
  • Power consumption, W: 2.02
  • Operating temperature, °C/°F: 0…+50/ +32…+122
  • Active device temperature, °C: +45…+50
  • Dimensions L x W x H, cm/inches: 9.0 x 2.5 x 1.7/ 3.54 x 0.98 x 0.67
  • Weight, kg/lbs: 43 gr/ 1.52 oz

* More modes can be supported via external software

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation and specifications are only guaranteed within the amateur radio bands.